{Women in the Word Wednesay} Purpose

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The verse, Romans 8: 28…
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” 

…keeps making it’s way into my life as of recently. We are reading through the story of Ruth in my current bible study at church.  God has been showing me through Ruth’s story that even in the lows of life He has a purpose. I really believe God’s plan for my life involves writing.  I’ve dabbled in it for years now, but never focused my purpose on Him.  In the past I felt that my singing was what glorified God and didn’t see the connection between Christ and blogging.  I feel that push behind me sending me further up the path of Christian journalism. If this writing thing is God’s purpose for me, then so be it, if not I will find another way to honor Him. No matter what the future holds, I am super excited for the doors He has opened with www.quitemagazine.com and the strong Christian women God has allowed to be in my life right now. I know I am far from perfect. It is so encouraging to have other women genuinely care about me and advise me on how to become a better child of God. Thank you Lord for shining your light on the path of purpose in my life and showing me that if that path was easy, everyone would be traveling on it. 

My grandma wrote a song titled “Search My Heart” & the song completely pegs how I want to view my life. 

Search My Heart by Wanda Wallen {second verse & chorus}

“Have I been a stepping stone or have I been a stumbling block?

At times have I neglected to do my best?

When my neighbor needed me, did I help or just forget?

I ask you Lord, please search my heart!

And forgive me Lord, for not doing more when I could have.

For my weaknesses when I should have been strong.

For my sins of omission, I know I’ve missed a blessing.

Dear Lord, please search my heart!”

I mean, WOW!!!  Really think about those words. I am guilty of so much… At the end of the day God is not only my judge, He is also my comforter, friend, confidant, father, salvation…my everything! 

I want you all to have hope to learn from the trials you may be going through and push forward on the path of God’s purpose for your life! Your purpose may not be like those around you… Your purpose may be very small in your eyes, but just your testimony could change someone’s life.  Remember that what we may think is a small seed could grow into a huge tree of life rooted in so many lives you come in contact with.

If you place everything at Christ’s feet, He will see you through. No matter the circumstance, God allows it for a reason.  What is your purpose?

I want to leave you with challenges my bible study leader gave us this week: 

  • Let someone randomly know that God is with them…by text, phone, email, etc.. 


  •     Anonymously bless someone with generosity this week. This doesn’t have to mean money, it could mean time, thought, prayer, affection, kindness…Something given to them without ever knowing who was behind it!
Be a blessing to someone. 
I pray we become stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

God Bless & Find Your Purpose,


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