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Whew. These last few weeks have been…*thumbs down emoji*. We are officially submerged into baseball season, and my hubby is the local high school’s varsity baseball coach. This means I am a coach’s widow at the moment. Then, my parents went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and that means Rypken had to go to my aunt’s house and we had a different routine. On top of those changes, it is currently MAP testing time (Missouri’s standardized testing). Every teacher’s nightmare. I believe…because of these changes, my dreaded head and stomach problems reared their ugly heads at the beginning of this month. I am on week 3 of a stabbing headache on the right side of my head and nausea that feels like I have morning sickness (but am not preggo!).


Remember, since the beginning of this year I started the MRT/LEAP journey and have felt absolutely amazing! I am off of my migraine meds and IBS meds, eating organic, and have lost 20+ lbs! That’s another reason that this change in health is so frustrating. After the first week of stabbing head pain I went to urgent care for my normal migraine shots. Headache came back full force less than 24 hours later. I then called my doctor. Was put on some anxiety meds (since this seems to be brought on my stress). Almost fainted in the school bathroom…as I was walking to the bathroom I was praying “Lord please don’t let me faint in front of all these kids!”. Talk about embarrassment! *smh*¬†Because of all that (and high blood pressure), yesterday I had more blood drawn, an EKG, and chest x-ray…I guess to rule other stuff out. My primary doctor also referred me to another neurologist…this will be like my 7th one in four years. No fun.


Everyone has their theories about what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s hormones? Maybe you have TMJ? Maybe it’s anxiety? Maybe you should go to the chiropractor? I have thought of all that too…And am getting all of that checked out! *cue frustrated eye roll* ¬†It also is frustrating because I feel like Yolanda on Housewives of Beverly Hills–like people think I’m faking it. It may not be the truth, but it is how I feel sometimes. With silent diseases like Yolanda’s Lyme’s Disease, my migraines, IBS, etc…you look normal on the outside, but you are struggling on the inside. You may watch my Snapchat (preppyjess) and think, “Well she looks normal?”, or my Instagram (@jessicamclain) and think “If she is so sick, why is she posting about her outfit?”, or my Facebook and see the funniest/scariest faceswap picture of me and Ryp and think “She is having fun, so I guess she feels better?” And I may feel better, or I might just be dealing with the pain the best way I know how…pushing through it.


I’m not quite sure what the point is to this post, other than just shedding light on real life stuff. In this blogging/social media world, readers tend to forget that what their looking at is a highlight reel of filtered photos and clever taglines. Most of the time you never really know the depth of what their going through. Believe me, my life could be tons worse…but when you deal with any kind of health issue, life could be a little better, too. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers! I appreciate every message, note, and kind word! I have faith that God is in control and we will eventually get down to the bottom of it!



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