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Being a fairly new blogger, I have started up some weekly post ideas… Today I launch {Thursday Thoughts}. The idea is to answer random questions/thoughts/ideas that my followers ask.  I’ve had a few questions asked to me at my job, through emails, and from comments on social media.

How do you juggle it all {marriage, motherhood, ministry, AND blogging}???

I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I fail repeatedly EVERYDAY.  I struggle with being a working mom, in my relationships, and in my Christian walk. I try to put my priorities in line and go from there.  As far as blogging goes, I try to steal moments throughout my day to jot ideas down for future posts here on PL. Only through God’s grace am I even able to get up in the mornings! When I am having difficulties and my patience is wearing thin, I pray for strength. If I didn’t have God, I would be nothing. 

How do you feel about little girl clothing {even though you have a boy} like words on backsides and oversexualizing clothing aimed at tweens and younger girls?

Being an elementary teacher, I see all sorts of clothing styles for girls starting at a young age. I think everything, including clothes, keeps getting pushed younger and younger… Language the kids use, information they learn, even the amount of responsibilities given to some of them on a personal level. Clothing definitely follows this cringe-worthy trend. If I had a daughter I’m sure it would be a very difficult decision for what to dress her in. It is super easy to become numb to the culture that is consistently around us. My first reaction to most things I can control is, “What will my witness be?”  Even if it isn’t necessarily a “sin” listed in the bible, think about what your choices say about you/your family. Will it cause you to be a stepping stone or a stumbling block?

If you have any topics for future {Thursday Thoughts} posts, just shoot me an email and I would love to write about them!

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  1. November 29, 2012 / 11:32 pm

    Hi there! I am visiting from the Almost Friday Thursday Blog Hop. I love how Christ-centered your blog is – it is a joy and blessing to see your love for the Lord. I am now following you and I look forward to future visits.


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