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For this week’s {Thursday Thoughts} I am answering some random questions from readers… Tonight I will be focusing on everything from weight loss after baby to home organization…and I will also address a serious mom question.

Thought #1

My FCC {Family Command Center} and Family Binder were one of the first topics I tackled on this blog! My goals this past summer were to get organized and be more of a homemaker. I focused on having a wall space in our house that would be the hub for our busy lives and a binder that could hold all of our important papers, recipes, etc… I recently had this comment on this picture from my Instagram and thought I would answer her questions on TT!


To answer the paperwork question, please click here to visit my post that explains the idea and explanation behind my Family Binder.

Thought #2
I was asked by a fellow blogger how I lost my baby weight…
Well, it is probably not how you all think.  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was in middle school and have suffered with migraines for years now.  My body seems to have kicked those health issues into hyper drive since I’ve had Rypken.  This summer was filled with a few procedures and scans to see if we could find me some medicine to help.  Once my doctors solved most of my problems, I had to get my wisdom teeth out.  This is what took the rest of my baby weight off!  I had a dry socket on top of getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted while being fully awake.  Talk about not fun!!!  PTL that I pulled through the pain after 2 weeks… The soup diet I had been on the entire healing time is what made me drop those last grueling 10 pounds of baby weight. I haven’t exercised regularly since before baby because of my health issues. However, before baby I played sports consistently from grade school through college and also took up running in my adult life. (I ran 12 miles at 8 weeks preggo… and miss it!) I’ve been a little hesitant to start the physical activity again, for fear of another migraine…but my goal is to take it up again (slowly) after the New Year. To keep the pounds off I watch portions.  I’ve never been a dieter, because I heart food.  So, to compromise I watch my calories during the day and portions at dinner.  It seems to be working, as I haven’t been this weight since I was a freshman in college. My advice would be to find a balance that works well with you.  I definitely encourage any physical activity you have time for and also be aware of the calories you are taking in.  There are many apps you can search that can help you get healthier! Just focus on a reasonable goal and push through any doubts you may have! 
Thought #3
A few days back an Instagram follower included me and a list of people to give opinions on a touchy subject…
                    The article is basically about a woman venturing into motherhood thinking she will lose herself in the process. I had several responses to this on my preview to this post today… Many mom’s think it is very selfish to even care about selfish feelings when we as moms are supposed to put our chilldren first…. While one said she related to feeling lost at the beginning of the journey.  My thoughts are on both sides.  I was terrified and clueless going into motherhood, and continue to feel those feelings at times. I was a member of two bands before I got pregnant, and decided to quit singing with them when I found out I was expecting.  At the time, it did kind of feel like I was giving up part of me to make a child fit into my life… The reason I wasn’t completely sad for leaving something I loved doing was because I wanted a family more than I wanted to sing.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel lost in a sea of diapers, advice, and congratulations when Rypken was first born.  I cried, I reminisced, I grieved my prebaby life that was full of singing gigs, late nights, and last minute plans… I thought I would NEVER be able to pick up and go to Walmart again!? That’s normal… Now that I have been a mom for a year now, it feels more natural. I can’t picture my life without my little buddy.  I do have to sacrifice, but I think of it as enhancing Ryp’s life…not as deflating mine.  I may not sing for hundreds of people now, but I sing for the only little boy that stops crying when I hit a note.  I may not be as free to do as I wish, but my priorities have changed willingly.  Once my baby boy reacted to me in that hospital room his first day on earth, my heart melted.  He knew I was his mommy and I knew I couldn’t let him down. My title at that moment went from Jessica–to–mom of Rypken and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t think anybody can prepare you for parenthood… It is a time of epic failures, questions, and oopsies… but with all the blunders come fabulous memories, laughs, and a life time of unconditional love!  
                   My advice to moms who feel as though their personal goals will vanish once a bouncing baby enters the picture is this… Your goals may stay the same, but your priorities may not. There will be times where you feel like you are drowning in diapers and baby food.  You will look at yourself in the mirror and be unrecognizable. All of these things are normal, just don’t get buried in them.  You will blink and your baby will be a toddler… Treasure being a snot rag, waitress, and many other selfless roles in the beginning when your child relies on you to survive.  The newborn stage may not be your season of life to reach your personal goals, but I promise you that there will be a season when you do!  Don’t let others decisions and stories determine your parenting style.  Do what feels natural and give your doubts to the Lord…after all He trusted you to be this child’s mother, just as he chose Mary to be His.
God Bless & Happy Thoughts,

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