{Thursday Thoughts} Fashion

I have my {Fashionable Friday} post coming up tomorrow, but I had a question about fashion for today’s {Thursday Thoughts}.

Ok, here’s the deal… I am so not used to being the fashionable one. Only since I’ve had to pick up the dress code at work this year, have I really paid attention to clothes other than khakis and fleece pullovers.

I have always had expensive taste without the funds to afford them. I usually get everything on sale or at an outlet. I have a pretty conservative taste. The stores I enjoy shopping from are JCrew (sale rack or factory online), Gap, Old Navy, Target, H&M, to name a few. I like to surf Pinterest to see what the new trends are or to see if I can copy a look with clothes already in my closet.

Back to the question… Denim. Today was actually the first time I paired denim with denim. Usually, I wear a denim shirt with a different colored skirt or pants. Today I wore head to toe denim, but spiced it up with some leopard boat shoes. I think the accessories are the key to breaking up the same material/color scheme. I love having some staple scarves, belts, boots, and flats to make a boring outfit exciting again!
Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my outfits from the week on {Fashionable Friday}! I share brands, deals, and tips for how I dress as a young wife/mother/Christian on a teacher’s budget.

Don’t forget to wear the best accessory you own, your smile! When you feel good about yourself, that’s when you really shine!

God Bless & Dress to Impress :),


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