The Download

I’m starting a new series called “The Download” where I share what’s currently going on in my life, what I’m loving at the moment, or just random thoughts of the hour! Enjoy getting a download of ideas in a short dose.

Photo courtesy of 573 Magazine January 2017 Issue


ONE // Flourish: 21 Ways to Thrive by 45

Needing to get into the word? This is a FREE devotional I am starting today! We can connect and follow each other’s progress too. I’m so excited to use the Youversion Bible app to dig into this study. There are so many to choose from, but I connected with my sweet gal pal, Lovely Amy from IG, and she decided on this one. I hope you can follow along too! I’ve been a little disconnected on here with what I’m doing on my faith journey, so I’ve made it a priority to choose #faithoverfashion!

To join all you do is download the Youversion Bible app. Sign up. Click on “Plans” at the bottom and search *top right corner* the word “flourish.” Then, click on the first plan listed with the title Flourish: 21 Ways to Thrive by 45 and choose “start plan”. Each day you click through the bullet pointed check list that includes the devotional and Bible verses. I then personally take the high points/my faves and write it in my Write the Word Journal. You don’t have to do this step, but I feel like it sticks with me more. You can then share with me and Amy by posting a picture (most are going to post on Sundays) and tagging #faithbeforefashion #devoswithamy #flourish. I absolutely CAN.NOT.WAIT. to see what God does in these next 21 days! Yay! If you need more help on your prayer life, I have an entire post on it HERE!

TWO // Ember® Temperature Control Mug (at Starbucks)

I first got a look at this on Facebook and didn’t really believe it. But it’s true, people. A cup that LETS YOU CHOOSE how hot your liquid is and tells you on the side of the mug. I’m tea girl myself, so I would be excited to try this out on some Mint Majesty Herbal Tea (my fave from S-bucks)!

THREE // VLOGGING  – My YouTube Debut

So, I started vlogging (video-blogging) last month after I was sucked in by the “Vlog King” himself, Casey Neistat…thanks to my husband. My husband is seriously the biggest YouTube enthusiast there is, but he absolutely HATES *yes there’s a reason it’s in all caps* being in front of the camera. Although, he has already made it into ALL of my videos so far! The idea behind my revamped YouTube channel is to share more of a day-in-the-life with my readers/followers. I will throw in some hair, makeup, and other things every so often…but most of my videos will be daily vlogs. Those are my favorite to watch, and I feel like even if nobody watches them, I can always have them to keep for family videos. Even if it is only me and Rypken. lol If you’re interested I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss a video! 🙂

FOUR // The Bachelor

(If you don’t watch just skip this one…but if you do, holla atcher girl! I’m even thinking of doing a FB Live event…)

Reality TV is my jam. I can’t not. I’m sorry. It’s like a train wreck.  Nick is my least favorite Bachelor. I feel like he only made a turn around on Bachelor in Paradise so he’d have a chance to win America over. You know, try to change our minds and make us forget how sneaky he was two seasons prior. Did it work…maybe for some. Not for me. Does it stop me from watching? Obviously not. Who’s my favorite contender? Vanessa. Who’s my least? Corinne, of course. The one-liners are just oozing out of that one… *covers eyes* Join my BFFs fantasy group here if you’re a diehard like us. ha!

FIVE // Alpatronix Phone Charger Case

I’ve been using these cases for a while now. This rose gold one is my favorite. They give your iPhone well over 150% charge!? That is absolutely amazing! I usually don’t have to plug my phone in at all during the day…that’s with Snapchat, IG, and all the other blogger tools I have running in the background on the daily. Plus, it’s sleek, pretty light, and comes in colors I personally love. I was carrying the rose gold one for a long time, then dropped it too many times (maybe 100+, no one really knows) and am now using my hubby’s back up white one. These things hold up tremendously well! I am really hard on my phones and need a case that can hold up to the wear and tear. This one definitely does! (not sponsored, just love it!)


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