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The year is already off to a fast start! Can you believe February is here already?! Well, mine is moving quickly, but big things are happening! One of my best friends is getting married, which means this 31 year old is going to be a bridesmaid! You know what that means…gym time! I’ve been walking around the last couple of weeks so SORE. Looking forward to getting even further into Step 2 of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Freedom. Rypken received the Student of the Month award for January! 2018 isn’t too shabby so far… Here are the things that I think you should “download” into your lives!

ONE // This is Me – Greatest Showman

The music of the Greatest Showman has captured my heart! THIS IS ME, the solo that Keala Settle belts out in the movie is just a wonderful song. What really grabbed my attention was this behind the scenes video. Being part of musicals in college takes me back to how a song really comes alive when the entire cast is involved. This video is such a great display of comradery and love. It gives me big smile and goosebumps each time I watch.

TWO // RMS Living Luminizer

This is the next makeup item to be thrown into my makeup bag! It gives you a dewy glow without any glitter. RMS seems to have many products that may be added to my routine asap! (See the rest of my makeup routine here.)

THREE // Brighton the Day

Brighton is my favorite blogger at the moment. She infuses her space on the internet with the normal stuff like fashion, beauty, and home…but why I love her so much right now is because of the wonderful way she has been so real. She has been sharing great things about her faith, which is really what drew me in! Brighton’s IG stories (@brightonkeller) are my absolute favorite! You never know what she will be doing or who she will be with…but no matter what, she stays relatable! That’s a rare thing to come by with girls like her that have large followings.

FOUR // NeuLash

I decided it was time to take a break from my beloved eyelash extensions. It had been over 1.5 years with no breaks, and my lashes needed to breathe! So, I started using NeuLash to help nourish and grow my lashes. I definitely had all of them when I took the extensions off, they were just not as long as I would like…especially after being used to seeing myself with gorgeous extensions for 1.5+ years. I’ve already seen growth in the last 2 weeks and can’t wait to share my results after next month! If you want to keep up now, I post an update each week on my IG stories. I added a story highlight titled “Beauty” where you can find all of my lash growing progress!

FIVE // Valentine’s Day Idea

Last year I shared this robot made out of snacks we put together for Rypken’s Pre-K Valentine’s party. It’s super easy and super cute for those of you who have little ones!


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