The Bible Binder® 2.0


I am so excited to share that our second shipment of The Bible Binder® will be in my hands very soon! Our shipment of binders should be in around the end of this week. So, if you missed your chance getting The Bible Binder® before the sold out the first time, now is your chance!!!


When you order, we will have a couple of days to pack your order, pray over your order, and send your order. The estimated ship out date for 2nd shipment preorders/early orders is sometime during the first week of September!


We also have some super exciting news!!! We will be offering our flagship navy binder, as well as binders in the color WHITE!!! Yay!


I will keep you updated and cannot wait for you to organize your life around what matters most with The Bible Binder®!


If you want to know more about what TBB purpose is, go to


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