{Teacher Tuesday} School Safety Letters

I probably won’t post {Teacher Tuesday} every week, but I wanted to share a proud teacher moment… I was unsure about going through with this activity, but my students have definitely changed my mind.

This week we had planned to work on some persuasive letters after learning about facts and opinions last week. The topic was going to be persuading Santa to be on the “nice list.” However, because of what unfolded on Friday, I changed the writing prompt to: “What do you think should be changed to feel safe at school?”  We brainstormed our purpose, audience, and ideas today.  They came up with some realistic, cost efficient (sort of lol), and simple improvement ideas to pitch to our state government. Even though this topic is very heavy and emotional, I am proud of my 5th grade students for taking this so seriously.  I truly believe that they want to make a difference. Can’t wait to read and send off the finish products!

God Bless & Make A Difference,



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  1. December 19, 2012 / 11:33 am

    So awesome!! I love it! thanks for sharing and thank you for serving our children!


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