Tacky Holiday Skirt

Tacky Christmas Skirt
Holiday parties can be some of the best memories of this time of year! When it comes to the goofy “Ugly Sweater” themed ones, they are fun…but also itchy, smelly, and ratty. ha! Thanks to inspiration from Rachel at www.apreppystateofmind.com, there is an alternative!!! The “Ugly Tacky Holiday Skirt”! With a little…ok A LOT of help from your hot glue gun, you can whip one up in no time. All you need:

holiday skirt essentials

I bought everything at Walmart… I used a black slip with gold glitter tulle (you don’t “need” the tulle) adhered with hot glue. It took me 3 strips of the tulle and on each line where the strips touched, I hot glued the gift bows. I then used smaller “normal” bows in the blank spaces in between. To finish it off, I hot glued gold garland on the sides and 4 strips of garland attached to the top of the back of the slip. Then when I put it on, I tied a piece of garland as a belt and hooked on a huge gold glitter bow to the side of the “belt.” That’s it! I paired it with a black turtle neck, tights, and my Revas… To really pull it together, I wore my Kate Spade-esk gift bow jewelry! So festive & my students loved it!

Bows are a girl’s best friend, right? ha!

A part of me wants to wear this throughout the entire year… 

May you have a wonderfully tacky Christmas party season! 🙂

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