S’more Dip Recipe

This could be one of the easiest dishes I’ve ever made. I brought this dessert to our family’s July 4th party and I think I ate most of it… haha! It’s so addicting!
You’ll need:
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1 bag mini marshmallows
2 tbsp milk
1 medium sauce pan
1 casserole dish
{1 box of graham crackers to dip with}

Heat the choc chips/milk/1 cup mini marshmallows in the medium sauce pan and mix until smooth. Pour the melted yumminess evenly into the bottom of the casserole dish (lick the spoon bc it is amazing!!!). Pour the rest of the mini marshmallows in your bag on top of the mixture. Put in oven with broiler on 500 degrees. Leave in until you see the marshmallows browning. Let cool and dip your graham crackers!

Love this because it’s not only easy and yummy… It’s also less messy than an actual s’more!


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