Rypken Update {10 months}

My big 10 month old  took THREE steps by himself on Wednesday!!! I cannot believe how much he is learning and developing right now! He is starting to mock movements and sound fluctuation, he stands by himself, he plays patty-cake, he waves, he crawls every way but forward, he claps, he says dada/nana/I, and points at everything {in one of the pictures below he is pointing haha}!  He loves to run in his walker and chase Tallulah our Weimaraner! It is crazy to think that a year ago he was still in my belly!?  We document his growth every month by having our fab photographer d-Squared Designs take his picture… Can’t wait for our family Christmas pictures for his 11 month shoot!  Hint: We might be picking out a Christmas tree! =) I am sooooo very blessed with an amazing family that shows me love constantly! Thank you Lord for those gifts and may I never take them for granted.


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