Robot Snack Valentine’s Day Idea

Happy Valentine’s Day! “I like you a BOT”! These robot snacks were definitely a hit at Rypken’s preK party today! If you know me, then you know I am no Martha Stewart. Party favors are not my thing, so my mom takes the lead and Pinterest helps out, too! During the Superbowl it was all hands on deck. We watched some football, spread out supplies, and dug in. I tackled the infamous Valentine’s Box while my hubby and mom made these super cute robot snacks. Rypken went back and forth helping wherever he wanted…lol We took tv and food breaks whenever necessary thinking the Patriots were going to lose the whole game–well they obviously came back dramatically! Luckily we were finished with these before anything was messed up from all the excitement!

Love the robot snacks? Here’s everything you need:

  • juice box (body)
  • jello (head)
  • smarties (arms)
  • chocolates (feet)
  • eyes, glue, tags, & a pen

Here’s the first of many Valentine’s boxes we will make… Rypken requested a basketball one. It turned out pretty cute for not many supplies. We used a cork square, basketball stickers, and decals from the scrapbook section. Then, we picked up a little basketball game and took off the hoop and hot glued it to the box. After that, I just drew on a court with a marker. Rypken was so proud at his party! He kept showing all his friends… So cute! 🙂


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