Riding the Fence

“Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” -Luke 11:23

Are you struggling with an issue today? Fickle with friendships, problems in relationships, fighting old habits? Jesus wants you to fully stand with Him. If you aren’t sure about a situation, research the bible and pray about it. God will direct your steps to recovery. If you understand what you should be doing, but keep making the same bad choice…Jesus stated in Luke 11:23 that if you aren’t fully with him, then you are against him. You can’t ride the fence. We all make mistakes, that isn’t the issue here. (Jesus died to pay for all of your shortcomings!) The problem comes when you aren’t making the effort to do what’s right after continuing to fall to sin. Everyday is a new beginning. God’s emergency line is open for you 24/7. Don’t work against God because of your own stubborn selfishness. Let Him help you. Let Him guide your life. Once you let go of all that second guessing and corner cutting, the sooner God will give you a boost off of that fence and on to greener pasture.

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