::QUITE:: the Launch Week!

It’s officially LAUNCH WEEK at the magazine I

am proud to say I write for! Everyday we’ll

be announcing something NEW that’s coming to

QUITE February 3-9.

L A U N C H  W E E K


What is Launch Week?
Quite is more than just an online magazine. We’re a community that stretches from city to city and from heart to heart and we want YOU to be a part of itLaunch Week is where youwill be able to become a part of Quite in more ways than just online. Sign uphere to get more info about what will be happening during Launch Week!
When is Launch Week?
February 3-9



Want a little bit of QUITE Mag in REAL life? Everybody that signed up by Feb 1 will be receiving the FIRST EVER mini mag for FREE this week!

Want the Mini Mag next month? Click HERE to join to get your very own!

So very proud to call QUITEmagazine home! Even if you don’t subscribe, be sure to follow us on all your social medias! It is so exciting to be a small part of such a big idea that God is allowing to become much bigger than any of us imagined! Thank you Lord!

God Bless & Quite Excited,


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  1. February 4, 2013 / 12:22 am

    LOVE this 🙂 Love your heart. So thankful to be on this team together. You’re amazing!

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