{Proverbs 31 Woman} Be your hubby’s crown.

One of my daily {Proverbs 31 Woman} bible studies last week centered around her husband. It talked about how he is respected at the city gate and his wife and good home bring him honor. Then the reading that day challenged me with 3 questions…

1. Do you bring honor to the name of your husband by the way your run your home?

2. Do you compete with your husband for respect or do you allow him to have the respect that is due to him out in public?

3. Are you and your husband going two separate directions in life, each striving after your own pursuits… Or are you following your husband’s lead?

If that isn’t a kick in the bootay, I don’t know what is!?! Ok, here are my responses…

1. I never really thought of my homemaking bringing honor to my hubby before. Now that I think it over, it does make sense… When I cook, clean, etc… I show him love. It also brings him confidence in facing the outside world. If everything is good at home, then he has a clear mind to overcome the challenges of the day.

2. Competing for respect… I don’t think I necessarily compete for respect (even though I am an extremely competitive person), but I do have OCS (only child syndrome). I like to eat places I like, shop where I want, etc… My challenge is allowing myself to step back and let my hubby make some of those daily choices. He is very laid back and does not usually dislike my OCS, however; doing this study has opened my eyes to the way God longs for me to treat my husband. More on this later…

3. Now, this one is the easiest for me to do. My hubby and I are closer now than ever. We enjoy playing golf together and we set the same goals. The big point here is that we want the same thing out of life… I am very blessed with the man God has made for me!

Ok… So I am going to elaborate on #2.

In the daily reading it touched on Proverbs 12:4 “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown.” The reading then quoted some of Elizabeth George’s writings… and to he quite honest it got under my skin a tiny bit.

“God’s beautiful woman is pleased to be her husband’s crown. Shunning the spotlight, she gladly gives her life behind the scenes so that her husband may be noticed and honored. She is glad when he is the center of attention, when he excels, when he is recognized, when he rises to the top. Indeed, she delights in living in his shadow. His promotion is her greatest reward. She desires that her husband be highly respected and esteemed, so she contentedly offers the supreme sacrifice of herself for him.” -Elizabeth George, Beautiful in God’s Eyes

Well well well… Why did some of this annoy me? It is really the part of “…she gladly gives her life behind the scenes so that her husband may be noticed and honored…” Do I have a problem with my hubby being noticed and honored, of course not! But my thoughts went to, “why should I have to live behind the scenes????” Then I really pondered this. The conclusion I came to is that in this day and age, and then also factoring in that my husband hates attention… I think it is all about willingness. I must be willing to shun the spotlight to allow it to shine on my wonderful hubby so he can be noticed and honored. When he is shined upon, I need to be happy to be in that shadow. This should fulfill my heart’s desires. When I thought of it this way instead of just “pushing the wife aside” I was completely open and agreeing with this.

Striving to be as the {Proverbs 31 Woman} is not an easy task… I have found it to be the most difficult thing I have ever done. But God never said following Him would be an easy task.

“Follow in the footsteps of the Proverbs 31 woman today and your husband will be blessed!”



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