{Proverbs 31 Bible Study} Week 4

Well… Week 4 didn’t just slap me in the face, it stopped me dead in my tracks! The week started out explaining the reasons that the 31woman RISES EARLY!? I have never been a morning person, EVER!!!! I mean it is so bad that growing up my parents would have to wake me up on every Christmas morning, no lie! Needless to say, I was very challenged this week! Next, the study went on to tell how the 31woman considers things before she buys them. I am guilty of being a spontaneous shopper, but that isn’t the way to run a household correctly. In order to be {Jessica 31} I need to think my choices through before hand. That means that I need to pray about decisions, not just think on my own… Without God in my plans, they will not fully succeed!

Below is my daily studying…

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