Potty Training a Toddler

From the moment I shared the news that we were expecting, I’ve heard everyone’s advice on potty training. My life for the past 2 days has been immersed in stickers, tears, and puddles in the kitchen. I’ve researched training tips on Pinterest and came up with the following potty chart. 

Looking at my scan, you can see stickers. Everytime Ryp tries to go potty, even if he doesn’t actually “go”, I let him choose a small sticker. From this scan, you can see that he had attempted 4 times so far without any successes, or actually “going”. After so many stickers (your choice), you may want to allow a prize of some sort as an incentive. I have clipped his chart to my Family Command Center so he feels a sense of accomplishment with it being put in an important spot.

To view my Family Command Center please click HERE.
You can Pin it HERE.

Adding to this potty chart, we let Rypken pick out his own “big boy” undies. He’s already made a few puddles, but I’m hoping this allows him to feel and notice when he goes. 
Want to use my chart for your own use??? You can download and edit the potty chart (I made it on my iMac on the Numbers app)!

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