OLW 2014 : Thrive

My OLW {one little word} for 2014 has been chosen! Thrive means to prosper, be fortunate or successful, and to grow or develop vigorously. I want to thrive in all aspects of life in 2014, of courseā€¦but the most important part of my life I want to thrive in is with my family! I want those every day moments to become special memories! A few moments of 2013 that helped me focus on this word are pictured below.

So many smiles in 2013 and I continue to grow and learn so much! God gets all the glory with the doors that have been shut and the windows that have been opened! I am so blessed to have cried and celebrated with my loving family and trustworthy friends! I was able to get my health issues (IBS and migraines) under control with much prayer, medicine, and chiropractic care. My dad and I took a 24 hour trip to Vegas to watch our fave band. My little family started a tradition by watching the STL hot air balloon races. I was given many new blogging opportunities thanks to many people including Unveiled Wife & Marley Lilly! Ryp started the journey into year 2 while being able to say many words, identify letters, and count to 16. God allowed me to fit right into the New Heights Church worship team and made way for us to lead the new early service! I turned 27 and began my 6th year of teaching 5th grade. We made a few home improvements to our humble abode and can’t wait to start more! Overall I was so very blessed this year and am looking forward to all God has in store!
Many blessings to you and your families in the New Year!


  1. January 4, 2014 / 1:16 pm

    i just chose the word thrive as my one little word for 2014. i love what you wrote. would you consider making your really cute thrive sign a printable? I would love to hang it in my home office.

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