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My “One Little Word” for 2013 is TRUST. As I’ve contemplated this word the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on this first post over what I’ve gleaned so far. 
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Looking back on some recent happenings in my life, it makes perfect sense to why God allows not only good…but bad things to happen.  Sometimes we think we can find our own way by digging our own holes. We continue to dig deeper and deeper independently and God just waits until we realize how deep we really are.  He is always there to pick us up out of that hole and dust us off. Understanding and believing these words, I can’t help but wonder:
Why do I still not trust God?
There are verses after verses that support the fact that God knows what’s best for us, that He has a will for our lives, and that He will never leave us. So….
  • Why do I still second-guess Him? 
  • Why must I try to do things on my own? 
  • Why do I not listen the first time? 

All of these questions have the same answer… I . am . human .  My instincts are to push God away if He isn’t meeting me where I think I should be.  We, humans, can be very selfish! We tend to only want what we think we should have, instead of trusting in what God knows we need. Like I’ve stated before: It’s easy to be a Christian on the mountaintops, but it is in the valleys where our Christian walk grows stronger. Our trials and tribulations not only shape our character, they also shape our Christianity.
As I write this, I still struggle with understanding how to put my OLW into action.  After being betrayed by those I’ve trusted in the past, I would definitely say I have issues in this area.  
You want to know the catch???? I trusted more in humans than in God! I wanted advice and validation from others instead of God. Just as with Ruth, God didn’t put is hand out to push me away, his hand was there to open my eyes to trust in Him.
I will fail you, your family/friends will fail you… humans WILL fail you.
It is still so much easier to ask God why, than for me to accept what he’s allowing to happen in my life… The devil wants me to focus on the negatives, but when I finally open my eyes, God shows me just how many positives outnumber them. I pray that I can learn to trust more in the Lord as he molds me into His likeness.
God Bless & Trust In Him,


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