{OLW 2013} T R U S T & prayer

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Remember my {OLW} One Little Word for 2013? {T R U S T}… As I have been striving to strengthen my trust in God for His will for my life, I have noticed His voice more. That feeling of doing something I know I need to do, heart pumping fast, surge of adrenaline, and/or constant reminders flashing through my mind…all of those things are God. I am sure of it now. Now that I am closer. Now that I am willing. Now that I am vulnerable. It’s all Him guiding me, carrying me, and pushing me to who he wants me to become. On this journey I have felt the need to strengthen my prayer life.  I pray everyday, yeah…but I mean intentional prayers. So, I went to the one person I knew was an expert in this area, my mother.  My mother is such a prayer warrior amongst many other virtuous traits.  Every Wednesday since I can remember she has fasted until lunch time and prayed for every person/place/thing on her list. Knowing this, I asked her for some tips.  She handed me a newer book she has been using… “Satan You Can’t Have My Promises” by Iris Delgado has been touching my soul from the moment I opened it. It helps you understand all of God’s promises and that when you use those to talk to him he really listens.  Yes, God listens to all prayers shot up to him…but He is taken in by His own words. My mom explained to me that when you speak God’s words back to him, it catches his attention more than pleading prayers of “Lord I need this…Lord I want this.” Once I understand all of His promises, my prayer life will inevitably be stronger. (I am currently working on a prayer book & will share asap!) 

Below are the most recent words from this book that have spoken to me. 

To illustrate how inactive Christians can be in their faith, Dr. James S. MacDonald, senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors Conference in New Orleans, June 18, 2012, and read the following poem. 

 Author unknown, “Buttprints in the Sand,” reported by Katherine T. Phan 

Don’t allow weak faith to keep you as a squatter, tormented by the enemy. Make a valuable decision to exercise your faith and your power in Christ.

Delgado, Iris (2013-01-08). Satan, You Can’t Have My Promises: The spiritual warfare guide to reclaim what’s yours (Kindle Locations 1894-1895). Charisma House. Kindle Edition. 

I challenge you to be active in faith! Don’t be complacent with a stale, stagnant relationship with Christ. He wants you to pursue Him and believe ACTIVELY in His promises! Below is a fellow Quite Magazine writer and friend that is so unbelievably strong in her faith and {T R U S T} in God’s will! Please read their situation and support them with prayer (and monetarily if possible) to bring their baby girl home! Their story proves that a mustard seed really can move mountains!

God Bless & Trust In His Promises Today!

My friend Christie’s story!

A week ago we received a phone call saying that we’d been chosen by a young birth mother in Florida.   Chosen for what?  To adopt her baby!  A story that started three weeks ago from a simple Facebook message has turned our world upside down, for the greater!  For the full story and our adoption announcement, please visit here.
Late last week our adoption agency gave us 15 days to come up with the first $10,000 needed for our precious baby girl’s adoption.  To say that we were not prepared for this is an understatement!  As you read in our adoption announcement, we were waiting on fertility results the day that my friend contacted me.  So, to need $10,000 in such a short amount of time was a bit overwhelming.  But, the Lord soon laid an idea on my heart — Operation 10:10:1 {10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl}!
I knew that friends and family were just as overwhelmed with the cost of adoption as I was and I figured, let’s just chip away $10 at a time!  
In the last six days we have raised over $3,000 towards our $10,000 goal!  I’ve been amazed at the response, the love, and the support from the online community!  
When Jessica gave me the opportunity to share our story here, I knew that the Lord was giving me another avenue to give Him all honor, glory, and praise!
So, will you join us today as we seek to be obedient to the call that the Lord has on our lives?  We knew when we said, “Yes”, that this was so much bigger than ourselves.  But, we knew that the body of Christ was big enough to accomplish it!

$10 and a prayer means more than you’ll ever know!


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    love you and just love christie’s passion and heart. so thankful for you sisters xoxo

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