New York City

New York City. Where do I begin? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take an adventure to the Big Apple! Well, Daddy to the rescue. One of my Dad’s jobs is a large arena across the river in Jersey. Last minute, he asked me to come along for a 2 day trip and we made tons of memories! That’s starting to be our “thing” now…these short trips. We’ve been on a few in the last few years: Dallas, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Austin/Waco, and now NYC! Can’t wait to see where we go next! You can watch the entire trip on my VLOG below!

The very first stop I wanted to go when we had daylight was to the Top of the Rock! I had heard that this was one of the best views of the city and boy…they were right! Absolutely breathtaking! Views of the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty, and when you turn around you have views of Central Park and more! Rockefeller Center became one of my favorite places on this trip. You get these views, the nostalgia of the shows being filmed in the building, you will see further down in the post the ice rink *my fave, so fun*…and when we came down from the top a memory I will never forget is dancing in the middle of all the people with the happiest Salvation Army Bell Ringer! That’s in the VLOG! Don’t miss it! 🙂

After seeing the sights from the top, we decided to try and snag a view of the State of Liberty while we still had daylight. We got our Uber and 35 minutes (4-6 miles) later…no joke! We arrived. No time to catch a ferry, we just stood in amazement of the grand view from across the water.

Battery Park is just a short walk to the World Trade Center. I knew I had pay my respects while I was in town, so we made our way to Ground Zero. I cannot begin to explain how thick the emotion is that fills the air around the Reflecting Pools in Liberty Park. I immediate teared up as soon as we approached.  All that I could seem to do was touch the names engraved into the stone in front of me and pray for their families. Never forget.

Across from the WTC was a pizza joint and we new we had to grab some NYC pizza! I went it and my eyes immediately went to the PASTA PIZZA…I asked what it was to make sure, and the man concurred. Pizza and pasta my two favorite things together?!?!?!? YES!!!! #winning Best pizza I’ve ever had. #micdrop

The night we arrived we scored some Hamilton tickets and my life was complete. Seriously though. I’m a Social Studies teacher and teach the underlying theme of this musical… I was also in tons of musicals in college. Plus this is a Broadway phenomenon. Put it all together and I was like a kid in a candy store!!! No, really! My dad was seriously laughing at me in the theatre I was so giddy! If you have not bought into the Hamilton hype…please do. I cannot tell you how great it is!!!!! *language is naughty at times* But, the fact that people leave a play and learn something about our history is FANTASTIC!!!! The music is absolutely brilliant, as well! I could go on and on… I’ll stop.

We couldn’t come to NYC and not go to Serendipity!? I mean, have you not watched the movie? And, who wouldn’t want one of these…their famous frozen hot chocolates??? We also ate dinner here…I had a yummy chicken pot pie!


I told you we came back to Rockefeller Center to ice skate! Oh, this was SO.MUCH.FUN. My ankles hated me after this, though! If you are ever in NYC and have a chance to do this, please do. Don’t hesitate! Definitely a bucket lister!

We hung up our skates at closing time and headed around the block and ran into Jimmy Fallon!!! No, just his sign… lol So close, yet so far! We kept walking and made it to one of the places I found on Pinterest! Yes! Don’t you love it when that happens??? I am telling you THE BEST BANANA PUDDING I HAVE AND WILL EVER EAT!!!!!!! Magnolia Bakery even ships it!!! I just found that out just now while researching for this post. Oh man…I know what I’m getting from Santa!!!

You can’t miss the iconic Times Square! It was one of my least favorite spots just because of how crowded it was… But, it was definitely exciting!

Although we had less than 48 hours in NYC, we made memories to last a lifetime… This isn’t goodbye, it’s see ya later NYC!


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