New Year, New Word

As 2016 disappears in the rear view mirror, it can give you ALL.THE.FEELS. Regret for things not accomplished, disappointment for people not living up to what you thought they should, sadness for time passing too fast.  It’s hard to let go of things left unsaid and undone, or maybe over said and over done. Then, going into a brand new year can be overwhelming with all the resolutions swarming around. So many commitments that end up being broken.  That’s why I absolutely love choosing ONE LITTLE WORD for the New Year! It’s refreshing and attainable! It’s easy to remember and simple to keep going.  The hardest part is figuring out what your word will be. That’s where prayer and the dictionary comes in. Looking over a lot of different words and their meanings plus chatting with the man upstairs is the best recipe I’ve found for choosing my word for the last few years! It makes it easy to look at amazing memories of the last year and cherish them deeply, while being super excited for what the next year will bring! Which brings me to unveiling mine for 2017:


I’ve been wrestling with a few words and what the Lord kept bringing back to me that covered all aspects of my life was contentment. I’m one of those people that strives for best in all that I do. I’ve been this way my entire life. Type A. Perfectionist. That’s where the anxiety comes from I guess.  I’ve also always been creative. Meaning…I will be working on something and the juices will be flowing and will inspire me to start on something else. This blog fills a big creative space for me. I can use all those ideas floating around in my brain and bring them to life on this screen. But, it’s a double edged sword. It’s never ending. I need to find a happy medium. Contentment also covers motherhood, marriage, body image, teaching, friendship…you get the idea. All aspects. I believe I can make no headway on this journey without God. So, I will be seeking His great leadership and guidance throughout and I will keep you all updated, as well! I can’t wait to hear what your OLW is for 2017!


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