neuLASH Review – 1 month

Neulash has helped this recovering lash extension addict. I love lash extensions and wish it was healthy to use them 24/7/365. It just isn’t. My eyes were starting to get sensitive to the glue and my lashes needed to breathe. When I took my extensions off I still had all of my lashes as you can see in week one (photo below). That was actually my BEFORE picture. The issue was that my lashes were patchy, stubby, and didn’t quite know which way they were growing. By week two you start seeing some changes, but week three is where the prominent difference starts to be seen! My lashes start to lengthen, grow in the right direction, start to fill out, and even start to darken! This only continues in week four! I am VERY happy with my results! You can watch my short YouTube review on month one below! *This is not an ad! This is my own purchase, with my own opinions!


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