Nerium’s Reflect Your Youth Contest WINNER!!!


So… I’ve been keeping a BIG secret!!!

In June I submitted my blog’s Nerium video into this wonderful contest, Reflect Your Youth. Nerium shared how they wanted Real People with Real Results and Real Stories. There was to be a winner for each generations 20s-70s.

US_EN_Reflect_Your_Youth_Blog_Header1I thought, I need a blog video anyway…so I’ll kill two birds with one stone. Why  not, right? Well, to my complete surprise I was contacted a few weeks later and went through a few video conferences, questions, and contracts. After several hoops jumped, I got the great news that I had secured the 20s spot!?!?! Within days there were a whilwind of emails and schedules. Before I knew it I was off to Dallas, TX to meet the other winners! We were instantly bonded and had the absolute best weekend being pampered with hotels, dinners, and photo shoots!

I am typing this via the airplane taking me to Long Beach, CA where my new family will be announcing our 2015 run! I am so blessed to be on this journey and can’t wait to share some behind the scenes pics and stories soon!!!

 Below is my initial video for the Reflect Your Youth campaign!



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