Nerium’s Red Carpet Excitement

My favorite part of most award ceremonies is watching the red carpet reports before the show actually starts! You too? The Academy Awards are tonight and I cannot wait to see all of the gorgeous dresses, but for the first time, I am more excited to see which celebrity falls in love with Nerium! It is the exclusive skincare of the 86th Academy Awards! How exciting, right?!?!?! Nerium is becoming more and more main stream and I am so blessed to be part of it and you can too! 

Celebrities seem to get all of the good stuff for free in their award show grab bags…Now we can ALL get Nerium for free!!! Time to even the playing field!

Below are MY newest results! I have still been using Nerium to erase my eczema-type rashes around my mouth and dissipate the deep wrinkle on my forehead…but the area of my body that I’ve put Nerium on as an afterthought has seen HUGE results in just 20 days!?!?
(same room, same camera, no tanning/sunless tanning, no weight fluctuation, no photoshop…just REAL results!)

Want a sample? Want to know how to get it for free? Want to join my fabulous team and get paid close to $100 in just the first half week like I did? Email me!

Gain confidence in your skin today!


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