Nerium Skin Care Review


Thanks to my friend and coworker, Katty, for the last 7 days I was able to try out one of the fastest growing skin care lines in North America…Nerium! Have you heard of it? Some people are quick to think it is too good to be true, so I was excited to try it out for myself and share with you the honest truth!

I have very sensitive combination skin and am prone to eczema patches around my mouth and eyes in extreme temps. I’ve been battling four patches all fall and winter and can honestly tell you that within the week 2 days that I used Nerium, my patches started disappearing!?!? Now, Nerium is not technically marketed for eczema, but there have been plenty of success stories just like mine! I also have deep wrinkles on my forehead that I am excited to see go. In the past 7 days, I have been told by others that they can see a difference in my deep wrinkled forehead, as well! My hubby even told me that my skin looked smoother (without me asking him lol) the day after I started using it! There is a reason that Nerium’s nickname is “botox in a bottle!”

Here is my makeup-less, filter-less, edited-less face after using Nerium for only 5 days! Notice how much better my dry/scaly patches are!? 

before day 1 vs after day 5

Side view of how much healthier and “glowy” my skin has gotten…after 6 days of use. (no makeup or retouching)

Interested??? Make sure to contact me via email with the title “Nerium” to get more info on how to improve your skin, too!!! You can also contact Katty via Facebook, Website, or Twitter! Be sure to tell her I sent you!

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