Nerium Gives Back

Guess what??? 
I not only get paid for sharing my love for Nerium, I also receive a FREE bottle of night cream every single time I sign a new customer! 

This is because after you make your initial investment to become a Brand Partner with Nerium International, you never have to supply your own samples again!!! I basically get paid to sample *give a prospect a bottle of night cream for 5-7 days* and share my favorite beauty products! It was so exciting to get my first shipment in…Yes, I said first… I have several more coming my way!
I never would have thought I would start my own business while being a working wife/mother/blogger/worship leader/etc…but my family is so grateful for the opportunities Nerium gives us! So blessed to be part of a company that sees their employees as people instead of numbers! 

Renee Olson, the boss lady herself, helped me (thanks to my amazing upline, Rebekah Lotz) when I came to the realization I did not check a box to receive my Nerium Gives Back. They could easily had written me off, but no…they immediately got me opted in and sent these bottles that otherwise wouldn’t have found their way to me!?!?!?! 
I cannot say enough about my Nerium experience thus far. Not even 3 months in and I am amazed at how far I’ve come, thanks to such a great business model! 
(view the twitter link below to see a video explaining how great Nerium Gives Back really is)
Nerium Gives Back
— Jessica McLain (@_proverbsliving) May 7, 2014 
I am so happy to share such a positive part of my life! 
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