Nerium Winner: Behind the Scenes Part 1


By now, the Nerium Reflect Your Youth contest winners and I have let the cat out of the bag. Read my announcement here, watch my video here, and read Nerium’s press release here. A few short weeks ago this Nerium journey began.


 It all started with a congratulatory email, squeal, and a happy husband dance/hug in the middle of our grocery store parking lot! A flurry of travel details and questions followed and month later I was flown to Dallas, Texas.


It was such a personal growth trip for me! This experience really embodied all that Nerium is. Adventurous, detail oriented, top notch, fun and filled with so many supportive and encouraging people along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.42.01 PM

I flew into Dallas and stepped into a car with the first two friends family members made during my visit.

Photo Nov 03

We all met for dinner in our super fab hotel, The Stoneleigh, and discussed everything from backgrounds, to dreams, to the next day’s schedule.


After we (winners and the brains behind the concept, Chelsea) bonded for 4 hours over great food and belly laughing, we headed to bed to get our beauty sleep *pun intended* for the busy day ahead.

Photo Sep 25, 10 46 50 PM

But, not before an elevator selfie!

Our early call time meant we had a day filled with photoshoots, manicures, video interviews, meetings, and massages. (Oh and “smizing”! #insidejoke)


Not a bad way to spend a day, not bad at all.

2014-09-26 10

We were surrounded by the best of the best all weekend! Like these two who did my makeup and hair.


 After our shoots, all the winners were given an amazing swag bag!!! My favorite gift included was “The Slight Edge” signed by the man himself, Mr. Jeff Olson!

2014-09-27 11

All of this was just the tip of the Nerium iceberg! After our “work” day was finished, our drivers picked us up and we headed back to the hotel. This part of the day was where our memories as a new “family” really came to be!


We were given a few minutes to freshen up and then told to meet in the penthouse that covers the entire top floor of The Stoneleigh. This was where we did one last photoshoot for Beautiful You magazine!


You would think that we would’ve taken a load off on the fancy couches to rest from a long day. Nope. We followed one another around because we didn’t want the experience to end! Everyone was so encouraging.


This is where the “smize” took off! When it was my turn in the penthouse shoot, the photographer wanted serious and smiling pictures. On my serious ones, everyone was asking how I was able to get so focused. I told them I was “smizing” (smiling with your eyes…thanks Tyra on ANTM!). It caught on like wildfire… I even ended up smizing with Nerium’s CEO, Jeff Olson, stay tuned!  🙂

2014-09-26 18.28.46

The smize. A full group attempt.


This dining room was probably my favorite area in the penthouse suite, but the zebra staircase came in a close second.


By the end of the magazine shoot we were ready for some food. We had a few minutes to grab our goodies and head out for dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s 560 in downtown Dallas.


For my fellow STL peeps, this was like the 360 Bar and the Millenium had a baby. Floor to ceiling windows with a view that was to-die-for, all while spinning around to take in the entire Dallas skyline.


After dinner with Nerium newsletter guru, Brooke, we got some much needed sleep for our departure back home the next morning.


Although it was tough to say goodbye after such an amazing time, we knew we would see each other soon! The plan was to be announced on stage in front of the 18,000+ audience at Nerium’s 2014 Get Real Conference in Long Beach, CA a few weeks later. And that is exactly what we did.


Stay tuned for for Part 2 of my Nerium journey. You’ll want to see all of the backstage shenanigans that went down! We met Jeff, Renee, and Amber Olson, Dennis Windsor, Mark and Tammy Smith, and many many more! Plus we got to see our videos played for thousands of people!  BIG thank you to all of the corporate/production people that made these trips so memorable! I am so blessed to be part of something so wonderful!

Nerium is more than just a skincare brand, it is a life changer.



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