My 6 Day Nerium Testimony

As you get older, I’m sure you have looked in the mirror and thought “yikes” a time or two… I know I have! After I had Rypken, it just got worse…lol  When I shared this product, NeriumAD, before it was just a product review for a friend/coworker. I had never researched the product prior to the review, nor did I try it. You can read my initial results HERE where I share how it diminished my eczema-type rash within 2 days!?!? Well, that was enough for me to end up purchasing it! My story does not stop there. One week ago I received my first shipment and couldn’t wait to use it. Some of my rash patches had shown up again due to giving the trials back to my friend and receiving my own in the mail.
From that first night I not only put in on my face, but used the extra left over on my hands to rub around my bad “stretchies” (makes them sound a little cuter ha!) around my belly button. Not realizing what was taking place on my stomach, I was constantly focused on my…once again…diminishing eczema/rashes around my mouth. Two nights ago I was showing my husband my *hopeful* and loosely claimed “abs” from working out and he said, “Hey have you been using that lotion on your stomach?”. I reluctantly said, “ummm, yeah” and RAN in the bathroom to snap a pic to put side by side with the one I took my first day. I would be the absolute last person to want to show my tiger striped belly to anyone, let alone strangers, but below is a close-up picture of my stretch mark transformation in just 6 DAYS!!!!!! I cannot keep this type of improvement to myself! 
**Absolutely no photoshop and I’ve only added the text and arrows to show you where my moles are to give you a reference to see how the top of my belly button has smoothed out! (and to prove it is my same belly! lol) Sorry for the iPhone front facing camera picture quality.**
Because of how much I believe in this product and how many people want to try it for themselves because of my testimony, I am now a NeriumAD Brand Partner! I never EVER thought I would be one of those side by side pictures/stories that people look at for this product, but I am so happy to become one! Don’t believe it? That’s fine! I didn’t expect this either… I encourage you to contact me to use a 4 day trial! Let NeriumAD speak for itself! 
–>Did my testimony win you over quickly? GREAT! 
Visit my Nerium website to order your very own “Botox in a Bottle” and start seeing improvements in your skin ASAP!

–>Worried about the price? Here’s what sold me on that topic: 
**If you refer 3 people to order after you, you get your product for only shipping each month! I had 2 referrals within 24 hours & you can do it too! (of course I will help you if needed)** You can also purchase it, use it, and return it within 30 days for a full refund!

–>NeriumAD International also donates 30% of the profits back to Nerium Biotech to fund cancer research! (it was actually an accidental discovery while trying to find a cure for skin cancer & burn victims)

I haven’t been this passionate about a product in…well…ever! I would love to talk with you if you have questions or comments. Feel free to email me with “Nerium” in the title box:

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