{Ministry} The “IT” Factor ::VLOG::

No, this isn’t a pitch for the next reality superstar show… My church started a bible study last night over the book “The Girl’s Still Got It“. The first thing we talked about was what we thought the word IT meant in the title… We shared value, significance, vibrancy, worth, purpose, kindness, honesty, respectful, hopeful, patient, controlled, loving… The list goes on and on!

IT=that special something that a Godly woman (or man) exudes that you want to strive for. When asked the question “What is your IT?” I didn’t have an answer immediately.  What IT could I share with others that might help them with their Christian walk? I thought and thought, and finally ended up with:


I shared with my fabulous table that my IT has always been a double edged sword… God allowed things to happen in my past to help me learn the difference between arrogance and confidence no matter my intentions. This is still an area for much growth, but it so much more comforting to know that God can take what I may think as negative characteristics, and turn them into positives for His purpose. Listen to my vlog below as I challenge you to compliment others on their ITs. 

God Bless & Find Your IT!


  1. January 10, 2013 / 10:43 am

    NICE!! Thank you for “putting shoes on” (walking out) the sharing of the Bible study. I love it when God fills a heart so full that it can’t be kept inside. Spillin over.
    You just described in action “IT” in such a beautiful DESCRIPTIVE way.

  2. sammie
    January 21, 2013 / 10:34 pm

    i love you blogs and get so much out of them thanks for sharing,
    God Bless You, sammie

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