{Ministry} #SorryNotSorry


BEWARE #RealTALK is about to commence. As Paul said in his letters, “…for if sorrow I caused you led you to repentance, then I am not sorry.” Basically he told them, #sorrynotsorry. Boom. 

As sickness runs rampant throughout my little family, we had church at home this morning. Through a blogging bud and fellow QUITEmagazine writer, Ashley, I have discovered Heather Lindsey and her husband, Cornelius. They have recently started a church in ATL called The Gathering Oasis.  We live streamed his sermon today and I was floored by how much truth he was adamantly sharing. I was moved to the core and hope to share some of that with you through a few bullet points I have in my notes. (which means if I sound epic throughout this, it was probably something Cornelius said lol)

If you die without God, that is an eternal death!!! You must turn from your sin. Ask Jesus to forgive your shortcomings. Don’t just “be sorry” for your actions, but CHANGE them! If you say you love God, but you also love everything He hates…then you never truly changed your heart. Yes, we are humans which means we all are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are an everyday occurrence in our lives, but how you choose to strive to live your life is what I am talking about. Your choice to avoid those people or things in your life that you know bring you down. Your choice to build someone up instead of tearing them down. Your choice to not look on social medias that will fog your mind with anger, sadness, and lies. Your choice to not watch a show/movie that will tempt you to act upon emotions instead of faith. Emotions are constantly changing, but STANDARD should never change.

Nowadays it seems like we have all lowered our standards so we can be an “everybody wins” culture. Guess what??? EVERYBODY DOESN’T ALWAYS WIN. You go to a tee-ball game, and they give trophies to all participants. You step in a classroom and all students are praised for things that should already be expected. Wake up people! There are winners and there are losers. In the game of life, which one are you???  People are going to hell every single day. As Christians, are we going to just keep quiet when the world around us decides that what we are professing is too “hurtful” for others to listen to? We may keep lowering our standards, but God’s NEVER lowered His. 

How well do you “know” God? Do you know Him, know Him…or knnnnow Him…? (if you get what I’m saying lol) Do you only care about your soul, or do you care about others’ too? Do have a longing to draw nearer to God and his promises, or are you just going through the motions? Nowadays we don’t know if people’s public performances match their private devotion…but guess what…your heart is the only one that is going to get you through those pearly gates. Get your priorities straight! How much time do you spend in prayer asking Him what He wants you to be doing? Stop begging and start listening! Can’t hear? Maybe it’s because you are like Lazarus just waiting to be brought back to life?!

That’s right, I asked you if you smell… What I mean is that your spirit can carry a dead stench just like your body can.  Good news is that God can bring you back to life just like he brought Lazarus back! Catch? Isn’t there always one? There isn’t necessarily a catch here, just a CHANGE on your end. You cannot survive with out food and water, just as your soul cannot. Make sure you are intaking nourishment and not slowly poisoning your new life with Christ. Trying to drink from the world’s well is like drinking saltwater. You think you are quenching your thirst by going back to your old ways of living, but it only ends up making you thirstier. Your soul needs God’s word to grow and replenish what mistakes, hardships, and short comings have taken from you. You need to drink from the Living Well that Christ talks about in John 4:13: “…but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” Choose the well of eternal life today…nourish your soul.

…eternity is staring you in the face right now! What do you decide??? Make your salvation real and evident! When the rubber meets the road in your everyday life, will you compromise? I challenge you to date Christ. Get to know Him. Choose to spend time with Him. Learn more about his past and what He sees for your future. Strive to make Him priority. Above all, be intentional with how you nourish your soul. I pray that you choose to not only be motivated by these words, but that they become evident in your everyday life.  Like Paul said, #sorrynotsorry… This is REAL people. No matter how sceptic you may be or what denomination or religion you claim, facts are: We all die. Would you rather live your life as if there wasn’t a God to find out there really is….OR…. Live your life as if there really is a God to find out there isn’t. Food for thought. 

PS: I’ll make it easy for you… God’s.Real.

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  1. sammie
    February 27, 2013 / 11:58 pm

    Jessica you always seem to amaze me with your blogs. I love reading your blogs. They are food for my soul. But, this blog was a very special one . Awesome. Keep up your great bloging. God isnt finished with you yet.God Bless You for sharing your life with us

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