{Ministry} Not Me, Him

My entire idea for Proverbs Living is to not put myself on a pedestal, but do quite the opposite.  I try to share my trials and tribulations to hopefully inspire others to live for Christ.  Here lately I have felt very impatient with my ministry growing and second guessing myself as a writer/blogger.  The Devil was trying to make me believe that I would be judged/mocked by my adversaries. I started thinking that the majority of people would not want or care to read the blog and that others wouldn’t take my calling seriously.  These thoughts I kept pushing out of my mind, but they would resurface randomly.  I actually asked my mother last night to add Proverbs Living to the prayer list she has for me.  It’s funny how God’s timing works, because when I woke up this morning I had sweet messages waiting for me on Instagram.When I read these very encouraging words, it felt like God was telling me not to second guess following His plan… and as I replied to this kind girl, it made me remember the sole purpose for being a Christian blogger. My purpose is to not see how many followers or page views I can get, it is to bring unbelievers to Christ.  If only one person reads this and chooses to ask Jesus into their hearts, then my goal is met.  Thanks to Him my focus is crystal clear… So if you are dealing with feeling discouraged about something in your life, please seek Him because he has a plan for you. Once you put Christ first, everything else falls in place! 

To God Be The Glory,

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  1. November 11, 2012 / 8:46 pm

    Well your blog is definitely at the top of my reading list!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do!!! God is so good and I’m thankful he brought your blog into my life!!!

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