{Ministry} Apple Pickin’

While journaling yesterday, I started thinking about Adam & Eve’s decision to disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit. God spoke to me and made me look at it from this point of view: I can choose to be alive in Christ, or choose the “apple” of my lives. 

What is my apple?

I have many faults ranging from being spoiled to being unforgiving.  But, what is that thing that God is longing for me to do that I have just refused to listen to?  I’m still praying about this, so when I know specifically what my apple is, expect a second part to this.  I challenge you, what is your apple? What are you refusing to obey God about today? It could be a spectrum of things… Maybe the world of Adams doesn’t feel like your apple is bad? This world is so accepting of many actions these days, please don’t get that confused with what the Lord will accept. Perhaps you feel a tug at your heart about a random action or way of living you have been ok with, but you feel it isn’t quite right.  My friend, that is God speaking to you.  When that happens with me and I don’t understand, I google bible verses over that topic.  With technology these days you can use it to your advantage! Please think about this and pray about your apple this new year. If you feel a conviction even though the world is accepting, don’t ignore that. Adam and Eve ignored and their world immediately changed, but don’t think that if there isn’t an immediate change in response to your choices that God is ok with it.  He’s not. He never will be. Search your heart today for your apple. Don’t just rip your fruit from its limb, because God wants to be your strong and stable tree today. 

For the start of the New Year, I have chosen to start creative journaling… I have always enjoyed doodling, so now I can doodle for Christ! Exciting! My goal is at least one a week, but I’ve started out wanting to work on one everyday so far. Here they are:
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God Bless & Go Apple Pickin’ Today!
PS: I have a VERY exciting ministry announcement to make tomorrow along with SUNDAY FUNDAY GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!  Be sure to visit back here tomorrow!

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