Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours… hahaha You have to admit, this picture is hilarious. Even though I made this picture light heartedly, some may feel like this during the Christmas season. Maybe suffering from loneliness, heartbreak, loss, etc… So as you finish your hustle and bustle from one family gathering to another, don’t forget to spread your Christmas cheer!

I tend to rush rush rush (as I type this in the car traveling to my in-laws house 3 hours away… lol) My goal this Christmas is to take it all in…step back, breath deeply, and really enjoy the festivities! I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since we received our greatest gift of all, our son Rypken.

This is our second Christmas as a family and Rypken is loving every second…(well I captured the one second he didn’t love so much above…hehe.) We visited Santa at a cute local place called Winter Wonderland and Rypken really liked it! What he didn’t like so much was when he saw Santa again last night, Christmas Eve, at my mom’s side of the family festivities. It was the very last event and Rypken was suuuper tired…that was a recipe for disaster. lol

Here is Rypken at Winter Wonderland… He was sooooo nosey that he wanted down to explore everything! So, needless to say, there wasn’t time to grab a good family picture. haha

Rypken’s head was on a swivel the entire time! Even when he met Santa, he couldn’t stop looking!

Please don’t forget the Reason for the Season started with baby Jesus in the manger hundreds of years ago! I have been blessed beyond measure this year and thank God for all he has provided and allowed in 2012. My goals for the New Year are to grow closer to the Lord so I can be the wife, mother, and woman God longs for me to be. I pray God watches over your family and blesses you with health and happiness in 2013!

God Bless & Merry Christmas!

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