Mantra Monday – Veterans Day

Being a veteran is most likely something I will never experience…I will never know the pain of exhaustion, the frustration of fighting, or the loss of life in battle. I may never understand the courage it takes to get up every morning with the memories of war fogging my mind. I can’t even imagine the courage it takes to be able to leave my family and friends in order to protect people I probably will never meet. 
What I can tell you is how grateful I am for not only my grandparents, uncles, and cousins…but also for all of those men and women who chose to lose their freedom in order to give me mine when they don’t even know me. It is such a privilege to live in a country with such devotion to protect and serve. 
THANK YOU, vets, for allowing me to have a daily routine and ordinary life with my family when you sacrificed yours for months and years on end! 
Don’t forget about the ultimate veteran today…Jesus. He died on a cross so that we may live eternally with him in heaven. Choose to be saved by his unending grace today.

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