// Mantra Monday // Judging & Being Judged

Mother Theresa hit the nail right on the head with this quote above. Have you ever caught yourself judging someone instead of loving them??? I have been on both sides of this, unfortunately.
I have judged & been judged.

Judging others can be as simple as thinking something that only God knows about, to as extreme as publicly conversing with your buddies about someone you don’t like.
Either way, God doesn’t like it.
It is one of those things that is soooo easy to get sucked into. One person starts, others chime in, and before you know it you are jumping on the bandwagon. Been there, done that. Whether you feel you are justified in your thinking or not…Whether you blame others for starting it or not…Whether you only laugh with your friends or not…God doesn’t agree with putting others down no matter the reasonings.
Bottom line is…you can’t change others. The only person you can change is YOU.
Why does this even matter? Well number one, it’s a sin. If you sin, you will live in hell forever… I don’t know about you, but that does not sound like fun to me. Number two, as Mother Theresa says above, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
This goes hand in hand with Sunday’s sermon at my church. My pastor said, “If you are doing what God wants most of you…loving GOD & loving OTHERS…then you don’t have time to make any judgements!”
Reread that.
Yup. No time.
If you are truly seeking God and you are a man/woman after His own heart, then give up the judging and start loving!
As I look at the petty judgements I’ve made in the past, I am guilty as charged… It is embarrassing and shameful, but guess what!?
Once we repent our sins, God forgets about those past decisions! Don’t let any person or circumstance remind you of what God has forgotten. Push forward into the life God wants for you. Look ahead to what waits for you.
Are you being judged today?
  • Forgive as God has forgiven you.Believe me, I must work and pray on this daily.
  • Don’t long for revenge, but let God fight your battles for you.Only thing that has helped me with this is being in God’s word consistently. I am currently studying David and I would highly recommend his story to help with those feelings/thoughts of retaliation.
  • Let God pick up your struggles, addictions, judgements, embarrassments, shortcomings, and take a deep breath.Our Lord is waiting for the words to come from your mouth.
    • “Lord I can’t do it alone. Please come into my heart and rid me of my past decisions. Help carry my burdens and lighten my load.”
      • As soon as you confess that you can’t do it alone, you will never have to again.
I say these words as I fight the battle of judging and being judged every single day.  I am here to witness and share that it is a struggle, but once I give my anger/pride/resentment/hurt to the Lord…the load is lighter. These last few months have forced me to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror.  Here are a few questions that get me focused on what truly matters–making it to HEAVEN.
–>Who will I be responsible for when my name gets called out of that big Book of Life? (only ME)
    • Will I be able to blame others for making me react in a sinful way? (no, only ME)
    • Will I be able to justify my actions because others sinned against me? (no)
    • Can I point out the flaws in others so I look/feel better? (nope, only MINE)
Please don’t take my word for it… Seek the truth in God’s Word. Once you find that truth and you are anointed, it almost always guarantees opposition. (I’m sure I will be judged for even posting this) Just as David was anointed by God to eventually lead His people as King, the opposition (ALL of the Philistines) immediately went in search to kill him. You may find in your life that maybe not ALL of your enemies will hunt you, but the devil will most definitely start throwing you some curve balls.
Do not let the “what if’s” or opinion of others scare you from God’s will for you life! I pray that you keep the faith, for God will never trick, curse, or leave you.
He will ALWAYS lead you to glory.

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