Mantra Monday

3 ways to stop getting in the way of YOU:
Believe that you CAN. Once you begin to put all of your concerns on God’s shoulders, it will get easier to see through the self doubt fog. Once your head is clear, be your biggest fan!
Own It
Stop making excuses. Stop blaming other people for your decisions. Be YOU. Do YOU. Own the past mistakes you’ve made, give them to God, and never look back. We all make bad choices…stop beating yourself up and quit bending over backwards to try and cover up your tracks. Once you can recognize who you truly are, there shouldn’t be any reason to hide behind excuses and blame.
It seems as we get older, the worrying gets bigger. As the worrying starts to drown you, I encourage you to fight for air! After a good cry, prayer time, and some carbs the worry wave should start to settle…at least that’s my experience. lol Trust is one of those things that has the potential to completely break your spirit…that’s why it is so hard to deal with. Believe that God will lead your future and if you keep the faith, the worrying should cease.

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