Mantra Monday

Every Tuesday I am blessed enough to grab dinner with some great friends followed by a women’s bible study held at my home church. We are studying Priscilla Shirer’s “Gideon” led by one of my college teachers, that I also call a friend and mentor (no, seriously…she’s amazing! Love you Jess!) Each week Jess has asked a lady to make a souvenir from that week’s lesson. Well, this week that is my duty…and you’re looking at the take home “scripture”. Mine’s not really a scripture, but some of Priscilla Shirer’s words from one of the reading’s side notes. 
“Today’s tasks are preparation for tomorrow’s calling.” 

Every day we have mundane tasks that we must do. Think of some for yourself right now… Mine are diaper changing, picking up toy trains (after I step on them, of course), blow drying my hair, laundry, etc. Well, Gideon was doing one of his mundane tasks -threshing wheat- when God spoke to him. Are you too busy or bored to hear God knocking on your door today? 
He is grooming you for what lies ahead. “God is teaching you faithfulness, diligence, and integrity through every [mundane] task.” P.Shirer

So, the next time you are over the sink or washer/dryer or completing any other “ordinary” task…are you too concerned about the negatives or so bored that you don’t realize God hasn’t abandoned you? He is always there hoping that you’ll listen and accept His will for your life.

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