// Mantra Monday //

This was the topic of our sermon yesterday. Who is really in control of your life? God, Satan, you, or others? Are you the one pushing the buttons of life, but when something goes wrong blaming God?

As mankind, we have free will. Free will to choose our own decisions. Free will to take the path we desire. Free will to make ourselves into whatever we want. We may get tempted by the devil and others, but they can’t make us do anything. We may get inspired by God and His word, but He can’t will us to make good decisions.
Our Heavenly Father gave us freedom to choose because He wants us to choose HIM!!! Jesus wants us to seek Him. God longs for our love. Don’t just blame Him for things gone wrong, allow Him to guide you starting now. Don’t look back to your destructive decisions. He wants to illuminate the path ahead. Let God be the tour guide through your life travels, not because you have somewhere to go…but because you want to go where He is.


  1. March 4, 2013 / 12:16 pm

    Amen. Thank you for sharing this. Much appreciated. 🙂

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