Mantra Monday

In my Unglued Devo, Lysa Terkeurst describes the bitterness we cover up inside of us from a past hurt as something “rotting” inside our soul. Just as the trash can smell of something rotten, we spew out hate/anger/ridicule from the inside pain.
Are you experiencing this outside indication of an internal situation?
Lysa gave me an “ah-ha” moment recently! 

One sign she said could be a sign of rottenness: “I start gathering ammunition from past situations to build my case.”

I hadn’t realized it, but this is exactly me. 
(my hubby would probably agree… lol)
I am a pretty organized person, but if you had a look into my emails you would make me retract that statement. My mind is the same way…meaning–> All those bad memories I thought I’d deleted were really just filed away in the archives ready to be searched and brought up again.
You too?
Are you temporarily masking a situation by feeling better in the moment? 
God wants us to:
1. see it
2. admit it
3. expose it
4. let Him clean it up
5. shut it down… immediately
“A little rot can spread fast and furiously if not dealt with swiftly and seriously.”
The next time you react by lashing out at someone/something, look deeper into the root of your actions. Is there some rotten space being taken up inside of you? A marital issue? Work problem? Relationship drama? No matter the issue at hand, God is bigger than it could ever be! All you have to do is admit you need His help.

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