Mantra Monday

Have you ever thought about the abundant grace God has given each one of us?
He grants us favor when are the farthest from deserving it.
How do you thank Him? 
Well, most go about their daily routines (including myself) and give Him 10 minutes here or there…thank Him for a few things, ask Him for a few more…and that’s that. Our time with God seems to be the last thing to add and the first thing to go in our busy days…When in all actuality it should be the complete opposite. I challenge you this Thanksgiving week to make sure God just isn’t another thing to check off your list. Of course, this time of year is when we focus on showing others our thankfulness, but don’t push God aside while you do. Show Him how truly grateful you are this holiday season and make Him your first priority!
  • Need a good prayer binder to keep your focus? 
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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