My Trip to Magnolia – Q&A, VLOG, & Tour

If you live in ‘Merica, then there is a ninety percent chance you know what this post is about! Fixer Upper on HGTV is a hit show right now, and how could it not be with two charming people like Chip and Joanna Gaines in front of the camera?! With the success of the show, their hometown of Waco, TX has been a hot spot since they set up Magnolia Market around the infamous “Silos”! My dad had a short business trip to Austin and my mom and I seized the opportunity. We flew into Austin and I drove her to Waco from there…there were some bumps along the way…aka: a speeding ticket! *monkey covering eyes emoji* It was a short trip, but we made the absolute most of it! I’ve had many questions about it on my socials and I hope to answer them here:

  • Is it worth seeing?
    • YES!!! Even if you are 730 #MilesFromMagnolia like me, it is worth going. Now, I say this knowing that Fixer Upper is at the top of my DVR list. If you are not a fan, or have never heard of the show…Number one–What is wrong with you? Number two–It may not be worth an entire trip to Waco, TX. But, we spent half of our time in Austin *which I will share in another blog post*, so I think it’s worth visiting anyway…since you could pop in while traveling through to another city.
  • Is it hard to find?
    • No. It was actually surprising how we ran right into it!  You take the exit off of the highway, then turn into town and then…BAM there are the Silos literally right in the middle of town.
  • Did you find a parking spot easily?
    • Well, this one was tricky. There were church parking lots where you could pay $ (makes me think of Cardinal baseball games in STL). These were convenient and close to the Silos….within 1 or 2 blocks. The problem we ran into was that there was a funeral at one of the churches and they ran out of parking spots. This meant we, unfortunately, had to park like 5 blocks away. We were blessed with gorgeous weather that day, so it wasn’t that bad. Now, we did hear that there was a large FREE parking lot behind the Magnolia Market…we just found that out too late. There is the FREE Silo District Trolley that helps customers get from one place to another easily, as well!
  • Was it crowded?
    • YES. I was there between 12pm-2pm on a Friday. Word on the street is that Fridays and Saturdays are the worst as far as being busy. I would recommend going during the week and to try to make it in the morning. Our flight schedule just didn’t allow for this. I will say, even though it was crowded, the staff was so kind and helpful! The environment and ambiance of the whole market was much like an adult’s Disney World mixed with the beach. People were very relaxed and enjoying themselves among the crowded commotion.
  • Did you buy anything?
    • Of course! lol I didn’t buy any decor for my house, even though they do have an in-house Fed-Ex shipping station *the line was suuuuper long*. However, I did purchase two shirts (this one and this one) and the cutest mug that you can see in the VLOG below! We then bought as much up of the bakery as we could! GIVE.ME.ALL.THE.CUPCAKES.
  • Is there anywhere to eat?
    • FOOD TRUCKS!!!!! The food trucks are the cutest! I got pizza, duh. But The Cheddar Box was probably my first choice if the line wouldn’t have been a mile long. There was a juicing truck, a coffee truck, a crepe truck, a popcorn truck, and more! Trust me, you won’t go hungry!
  • Your favorite part?
    • I’m not sure if I have one favorite part?! The aesthetic of everything was worth seeing in person. Watching Fixer Upper every week and becoming such a fan of Joanna’s style, then being able to see those details up close was very surreal! The bakery was so cute and the smells were wonderful…but I think if I had to pick just one thing, the LAWN area was my favorite. With music playing, the throwing of footballs, children swinging, the smells coming from the food trucks, and the sun shining on my face…it made for a great place to have conversation and take in all the beautiful sites of Magnolia Market.

*I only packed my vlogging camera, so these photos are from my iPhone 6s+. Pictures 4 & 13 are from


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