Live Happy

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It is easy to live out your day by looking at everything with the glass half empty. Having a 9-5 job, seeing the same people, doing the same things…it all can get you in a rut. Especially if your winter has been as grueling as our Missouri weather! The next time you start feeling those negative/blah feelings, pray for some joy to give you a pep in your step! Don’t let another person’s opinions, a bad situation, or an annoying issue drag you down. BE YOU no matter the consequences. God made only one of you for a reason…Use your different gifts positively and you never know who you might bless! Choose to look for happiness and choose to give some happiness to someone!
 By using the hashtag #happyacts, you’ll contribute to a movement where the world can see how small actions build into others where happiness is not common, but celebrated! By posting an act of happiness to the site’s virtual wall, you are also helping to create happiness for others! For every post to our virtual wall, we [Nerium] will donate $1 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America (up to $25,000)! -via Rebekah Lotz
I so enjoy working for a company that gives back and sets an example of improving lives…not only by giving confidence back with great skin on the outside, but by focusing on what really matters…the inside. You can visit my Nerium website at and my Live Happy website at to learn more about March 20th, the International Day of Happiness!!!

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