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A few months ago I was getting some inspo from one of my favorite business/christian/blogger girls, Lara Casey. The above quote is what I wrote on her website’s “Leap Wall“. Being in the middle of a huge leap of faith, it has been easy and close to necessary for me to stay focused on one avenue of life right now. Living has been more like a hazy fog of real life and future goals…(throw in a kitchen reno and it has definitely been chaotic) Grace has been a something I haven’t thrown out enough in the past. These words “I want to be a grace giver and life liver” sum up my heart in this season of life.  I encourage you to visit the “Leap Wall” yourself, watch the video, and share your leap!

Here are iPhone moments of me being a life liver here lately:

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Here’s to being grace giving and life living! Go share your leap! Unsure about what your wanting out of this season of life? It all starts in prayer.



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