{Jessica 31} Family Binder

“…she watches over the affairs of her household…” Proverbs 31:27 {NIV} 

This post goes along with my Family Command Center post from a few days ago.  If I am to watch over the events, activities, and doings of my family…then I need to get as organized as I am at work, at home! To do this I am creating a Family Command Center and Family Binder. I am currently using the free printables from the Finding Home blog.  Here are the sections in my Family Binder so far {pictures from Finding Home blog}:
  • Emergency Info: emergency/contact/medical/pet information
  • Day/Month/Year Events: birthdays/calendar/weekly & daily schedules
  • Kitchen: pantry & fresh staples/weekly meal planning/grocery list
  • Personal Finances: yearly bill spreadsheet {I got this from In Pursuit blog.}
Family Binder Button 
  • Miscellaneous Lists: take out numbers/wish list/gift giving/movies to watch/books to read
    {I plan to add a separate section devoted just to Rypken for keeping shot records, growth log, etc…}
    **I won this whiteboard calendar at my school for Teacher Appreciation Week! So, I won’t be making one on my own like I had planned… This frees up some $$ for me to get pretty things for my Family Binder! Yay! {be on the look out for pictures of my pretty Family Binder!!!}


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