Investment vs. Non-Investment


This is a great example of mixing higher end items with super affordable ones! Some may think what I’m calling “higher end” are actually affordable…if that is you, then go you! But, for the rest of us living in fashion reality, here are my go-tos. I always shop the sales and also use the app Poshmark on different items. I try to shop higher end ones on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. For almost every outfit you see me wear, I will be mixing and matching hi + low pieces. Some are wardrobe staples and others are trends and/or accessories that are just around for a short while. Here are my picks for investments pieces vs non-investment pieces:


BAG // If you are going to invest in anything, I would invest in a nice designer bag. I am super lucky to have a mom that loves Louis Vuitton and I carry one she isn’t using at the time (like this one). She buys hers directly from the LV store, but there are plenty of great places to buy second hand! Biggest reason I would choose a designer bag over anything is because of the resale value. It is literally an investment. You put your money in, and you can almost guarantee you can that money back out of it…between your use and your sale.

WORK WEAR // What I mean by this is… These are pieces you will get tons of use out of and need to be well made. Whatever type of job you have obviously determines what you are looking for. This skirt (similar) I have on in this outfit would be a great example. It is versatile, very well made, and has lasted me a hand full of years already! These are wardrobe staples that you can pull out and will always look the same. They hold they colors and form well. This shirt looks exactly as it did the day I lifted it out of the package over a year ago! I mean, look at that gorgeous ruffled neckline?!

JEWELRY // I am a very simplistic jewelry gal. I wear the same 4 pieces of jewelry on repeat…which is why I think that if you’re thinking of investing in something, jewelry is a great option. For everyday looks, I usually wear:

  • Rings
    • Wedding Set: Mine are from Jared’s: engagement ring + wedding band + anniversary band –> I’m actually thinking of simplifying this soon. More on this later…soon? I dunno?
    • Grandma’s Graduation Ring: She gave me this for my graduation present. She is 98, so this is over 80 years old. We recently had it sized so I could wear it on my right hand each day.
  • Earrings
    • Pearl EarringsMy parents brought me back a super nice pair from Hawaii. I lost one. They brought me back another pair… I’m afraid to wear them. These are from the Dollar Store. *shakes head*
    • Moissanite Earrings: They are similar to diamonds, but for the fraction of the cost. I love mine and wear mine on the regular! (shop mine here)
    • Kendra Scott Studs: If you want something a little more trendy, but still classic enough to wear each day…these are a great option! I also love Kendra’s bigger earrings for when I’m feeling fancy!
  • Necklace
    • Diamond Solitaire Necklace: This is so versatile. I can dress it up or down. Mine has soooo many memories and meaning behind it! The diamond was my Uncle Brad’s Grandmother’s (Maw Maw). She was like my own grandmother. When it came time for Chris and I to get engaged my Aunt and Uncle gifted the diamond to us for my engagement ring. The flawless, sentimental diamond has since made it’s way into this floating setting around my neck.
  • Watch
    • Apple Watch: I’ve shared it before in this post, but I’ll share it again. My Apple Watch gets so much use! It is definitely an investment, but I use it to work out, I use it to text, I use it to call, I use it check the weather, etc. It is so handy! Plus, you can always match your watch bands to your outfit! Plus! I use a Series 2 and they are on sale! I always have my phone, so the cellular option isn’t a need for me right now… That means the Series 3 does basically the same thing I would use my Series 2 for. I would look at your options and if you can save money, do it!

SHOES // Since I’m a teacher, I am usually hard on shoes…think trying to dodge hundreds of 10-12 year olds in the hall while wearing said shoes. I would cry if I wore these “investment” shoes and actually had invested $200-500 in them, only to get them ruined. No thank you! So I usually purchase them on the app Poshmark, during big sales like Black Friday or Anniversary, or wait until Christmas/birthday.

  • Tory Burch: I love my Caroline flats and my TB boots!  For those of you around adults all day every day…they are pay for themselves. They hold up for years and keep their shape/colors.
  • Uggs: So worth the money. Like walking on clouds. Mine were a Christmas present.
  • Adidas/Nike: Any money you spend on athletic shoes are worth it, because you are saving your body from more aches and pains. I’m on my feet all the time and my favorite shoes to wear to work are my tennis shoes! 🙂

SKINCARE // Now that I’m in my 30s I can really tell when I use my skin routine and when I don’t. I’ve been a Nerium user for 3 years and love it.  Read more about my makeup routine here.


TRENDS // Anything that is trendy, in my opinion, I say shop Target or sales. Don’t put a ton of money into. Who knows when you’re going to want to wear an off the shoulder dress 10 years from now??? I would encourage you to save your money for wardrobe stables that are classic and will stand the test of time…not just this season.

  • Examples:
    • Sweaters: The one I have on in this post is from WALMART!!! I love shopping Target and Walmart for seasonal trends! Target always has great finds for sweaters. I love the ruffle trend right now! This sweater is the one of my faves!
    • OTK Boots: These boots in this outfit. They are OTK (over the knee) boots. I got them at target for under $40. (similar) They look very similar to boots that are outrageously high, like these for $800.
    • Mule Loafers: I love this trend, but don’t know how long it will last. Of course, I would love to have the Gucci loafers, but who wants to pay $700 for a pair of shoes? Especially when you can get dupes for under $20!
    • Sunglasses: Don’t get me wrong, I think good classic RayBans are great…but if you’re wanting different colors or shapes, I would just look into a cheaper versions. There’s no use in spending your money on accessories that you won’t wear all the time and that might not stay in style. (These look very similar to the Prada cat eye sunglasses for $665)

JEANS // My best fitting jeans come from Target. I’ve never bought a pair of jeans over $100. I feel like jeans never usually fit me right and I don’t want to be wasteful with an item of clothing I’m never that happy with. I actually feel like when I try on the super expensive ones, they are the worst fitting ones….that’s just me, though. I know tons of people who swear by the top brands. I’ll just chill in my $30 Mossimos.

NAILS // Yeah I know. I said it. I used to get my nails done all the time. I felt naked and ashamed if my nails weren’t just right. I know many people will disagree with me, but TBH I don’t notice when other girls have their nails done in real life. It’s only on social media when I notice it…when they are showing their manicures or holding something in a picture. Think of how much money you’ll save if you just do them yourself, or if you’re like me…just file them or clip them off and forget about it!

UNDERGARMENTS // Other than my bra, I get the rest of my “have-tos” at Walmart. I use to be a VS shopper through and through…(I still do get my bras there) but it was unnecessary to spend over $50 on the other stuff and then in socks on top of it… It can all add up.



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