Innovative Force on AGT

Exciting stuff going on in my hometown area! A local dance group, Innovative Force, has made it to the New York City rounds on America’s Got Talent! I encourage you to watch them live tonight at 7pm on NBC & VOTE VOTE VOTE! 

America will be the deciding factor for who goes on in the competition. Your support means everything!
Here’s how you VOTE…

1. VOTE 10 times per mobile device. 

2. VOTE 10 times per land line. 

3. VOTE 10 times per email address through FB or

4. VOTE 1 time per twitter account by tweeting ‪#‎voteAGT‬InnovativeForce

VOTING ends 2 hours after the show airs!


ABOUT Innovative Force:

The group is made up of 26 girls ranging in age from 8-19 with average being 12 years of age. They combine dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, stunting, strength moves in their routines. I.F. is based in a small town in Missouri and the girls are pulled from 3 school regions. The girls are very much a “family” especially since the older girls take care of “the littles”. AGT producers saw their videos on YouTube and approached the studio owners to see if they would be interested in coming to Chicago for a direct access audition. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind!! Chicago-Vegas-NYC!! Not bad for small town Missouri girls!

Good luck Innovative Force! You guys are making your hometown so proud! Thank you for representing us so gracefully!

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