{How To-sday} Bunning it!

Very excited to launch {How To-sday} this fresh new year! I will be vlogging answers to followers’ how-to questions dealing with fashion to marriage to hair to salvation.  Vlogging is very unnerving and this was my very first try at it… So please go easy on me. lol

I was asked how to get that low bun I’ve been wearing. Here is my response sharing the how-to, products needed, & tips:
You need: 2 Goodys “Spin Pins”, Teasing Brush, & Hairspray (if desired)
Tease hair to your liking, twist in “Spin Pins”, & spray if needed. I like to wear it low, but the bun can easily be moved. I don’t normally take much time on fixing my hair, so the bun is mom-friendly! I’ve also noticed after wearing the bun all day, when I take it out my hair is very wavy like I’ve curled it! I’m thinking of sleeping in it to see how it does when I wake up. I’ll keep you posted! ha!
Here is a close look at the low bun:
Here I am last night staying in for New Years… I did not tease or use hairspray since I bummed it, but I did use the Spin Pins to put the bun higher on my head. 
I hope you enjoy the new addition to Proverbs Living this year! As always, please comment or email any ideas you may have! If you have questions about the bun, I would be happy to answer them.  May your New Year be the fresh start you have been waiting for! I pray for God’s will in all of our lives as we embark on our journeys for 2013.
God Bless & Bun It!

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