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LONG STORY: My health has always been up and down since I was a preteen. I have been poked, prodded, and tested more than most. When I was in 7th grade I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome after being tested for Crohn’s disease. I got down to 80ish pounds and learned how to deal with stomach aches like a champ. Fast forward to high school and that is when my debilitating migraines (loosing vision *aura*, vomitting, etc…always ends in an ER/Urgent Care visit and a few shots in my bum) began. With my high anxiety life of year round sports, music classes, and social life we chalked it up to me needing rest and never really had it checked out. Then, fast forward to pregnancy…Rypken threw my body for a complete loop!

Around 7 months along I started getting migraines bi-weekly. Once I had him my IBS-D turned into IBS-C and they thought I might have a kinked bowel, so I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy…and a CAT scan for my migraines.  Many tests and biopsies later told us the same thing we had been told before. I have severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome…no Celiac, no Crohn’s, no life threatening conditions (PTL!). I was prescribed daily meds and told to stay away from caffeine for my IBS and prescribed daily meds and a chiropractor for my migraines. These meds have kept me semi-normal for the last 4 years, but I still struggle with my health issues.

A few months back my doctor wanted me to try an anxiety medicine since stress seems to be a major trigger. It did seem to help me relax, but I still had a migraine in those 2 months…and I ended up gaining 20+lbs (yes 20 pounds in 8 weeks). This is where I started pleading to God for some answers…and I was told about a test called MRT/LEAP. Right now I am waiting on the results of my blood test that will tell me what foods and chemicals I am strongly/mildly sensitive to. Because my health issues are mainly from inflammation in my body, this seems like a great approach. Medicine has definitely helped me in this journey, but it seems to have just been a “bandaid” for my problems. I am hoping to gain knowledge specific to my body so I may be able to take care of my health in a way I never have before. Keep me in your prayers, and I will keep you all updated on this MRT/LEAP journey! *Below are some Snapchat videos (preppyjess) of me sharing a little more…

Because of my newly found pounds…not much in my wardrobe fits correctly. *sad face* So, thanks to Curving Aloha, I started trying this waist trainer! It is like old fashioned corsets, but without the dangerous boning/materials…mine uses a spandex type blended material with 3 rows of “bra-like” hooks to fasten. I use my IT WORKS! wraps from my bff Tara underneath about once a week to help my tummy flatten. In just 1 week I have lost 3 inches and am on my way to lose even more at the end of my second week!?!? Go to to get your own…I started with a 3XL and am excited to move down a size!


I wear my waist trainer when I workout and/or about 2 hours a day. I have worn it watching tv, riding my bike, doing a circuit workout, etc… It is very tight, but not binding. I actually love how it makes me feel very supported! You could wear it under your clothes to work or to run errands if you wanted!


My husband has noticed a big difference in the waist trainer helping flatten out not only my belly, but my back/muffin top. If you look at the pictures below, at 5 days my belly is much flatter as well as my back…and at 10 days I am starting to get an hourglass look!


Using this waist trainer…along with more exercise and better diet choices, I hope to get rid of these stubborn extra pounds and frustrating water retention from the medicine side effects. Once my MRT blood test results come back in around 2 weeks, I plan on documenting my LEAP diet journey…so keep an eye out! To get “real time” updates and every day information follow me on Snapchat “preppyjess” and Instagram!


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